Soutaiseiriron, which means that ‘Theory from Relativity’, try, the theory is that, a somewhat guaranteeing ring

Soutaiseiriron, which means that ‘Theory from Relativity’, try, the theory is that, a somewhat guaranteeing ring

New Faceless Soutaiseiriron

It be seemingly not wanting to disclose some thing regarding the on their own. You’ll find little photographs of the quartet anyplace (better. more on you to definitely within the a moment). In fact, they make it clear they need its visualize hidden-on each web page of the webpages is actually an email stating that photographing during the its concerts are prohibited. That’s normal from the big-label ring gigs, however, I’ve never seen a ring are a little so insistent regarding the it into a website. The latest bio on their site are sketchy, offering merely a quick manage-down of their dos ? year profession. And Video game Hey-Fi Anatomia cannot have any longer facts often. As well as, they won’t create interviews.


To phrase it differently, you simply can’t receive any details about this ring aside from out-of its songs. It is like they would like to be the Thomas Pynchon otherwise Salinger from J-pop music. It is you to even you are able to? Can be a rock-band enable it to be without publicizing the image otherwise personalities after all?

I have no idea what exactly is trailing so it secrecy. Carry out they simply nothing like to be in the general public gaze? Or have there been personal reasons why they can’t be seen? I’m hoping it is really not a global selling gimmick worked out with their executives, because that would-be eminently lame.

The thing is, they do perform real time on occasion, so they really commonly staying by themselves completely invisible. We comprehend, regardless if, your ladies musician really stands motionless on stage inside the whole let you know, and just motions so you can fold down to get the lady container out of h2o. Phew. glad I came across you to definitely call at advance, if you don’t I might’ve finished up suffering through an effective ‘performance’.

This are uncommon since the Soutaiseiriron’s music Is right, people I’m sure are becoming on the them, being significantly more imminent regarding their image seems becoming good matter to date inside their occupation. Actually, Hi-Fi Anatomia , their basic record album, is full of attention-getting, if typical-sounding pop music tunes, but two things help them get noticed: the female singer’s vocal design and their whacky lyrics.

An effective Japanese commentator I read place it well as he demonstrated the newest vocal concept while the ‘low hypertension J-pop’-usually the fresh new vocalist musical put-straight back, such as she’s maybe not trying to too difficult, but meanwhile it is an unusually coquettish sound, privately mental and you will respectfully tunes.

After which you can find the lyrics-it’s such all types of otaku splashed the goals and you may daydreams against the audio sheet sets. “Jigoku Sensei” is actually an excellent Japanese schoolgirl (Nabokov’s) Lolita tale when you look at the pop song style; “Fushigi Descartes” is because of supernatural phenomena, to your chief range stating, “Although you will be a beneficial ghost that’s Ok with me/ While a great ghost that will be in addition to this/ Easily was basically an effective ghost wouldn’t that be ok with you?”; the brand new track “Shikaku Kakumei (Square Wave)” describes a guy regarding the 25th century running off the Time-Room Cops and you may meeting a woman from the 22nd millennium; “Renaissance” is mostly about, um, math.

What’s uncommon is that the just one photographs I discovered from it ring is in the English part of the internet, even though a google image search does generate hyperlinks so you can a number of Japanese web sites, after you make an effort to open those individuals photos they’ve been every eliminated. Does that mean the net-positives was in fact expected for taking her or him off? I am interested what happens easily publish this option understood image of him or her on this site, thereby I have lent that photographs out-of other webpage, and can show if there is any impulse.

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